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Farm Fresh Eggs

Once you have farm fresh eggs, you won't want to go back to the supermarket ones! Our eggs are laid by Rhode...

Lamb Ribs (Whole Slab)

Nothing better on the grill than these crispy riblets. Perfect as an appetizer or a light meal. Left as a whole slab...

Whole Lamb Deposit (Custom Order)

A deposit for a whole lamb, butchered the way you want it. Typically includes 2 Legs of Lamb, Loin Chops or Loin...

Half Lamb Deposit (Custom Order)

A deposit on a half lamb, butchered the way you want it. This typically includes 1 Leg of Lamb, Loin Chops or Loin...

Ground Beef

Homegrown ground beef in one pound packages. Our beef is raised on hay and corn forages, with excellent marbling and...

Ground Lamb

Lean Ground Lamb is flavorful option for an array of dishes at home. From Mediterranean-style burgers to...

Leg of Lamb

Traditional leg of lamb, whole and netted, from pastured and grain-fed lambs for optimum flavor and tenderness!

Lamb Shanks

A specialty for guests! These meaty shanks are bursting with flavor. Seared then slow cooked for maximum...

Lamb Loin Chops, 1" Thick

These luscious chops will melt in your mouth and are the equivalent of a beef t-bone steak. They are cut 1"...

Lamb Rib Chops, 1" Thick

These tender chops are cut from the "rack" and are equally as tender as the loin chops.

Sirloin Steaks

This steak comes from the top hind quarter right beneath and above the Tenderloin. Very lean and flavorful, these...

New York Strip Steaks

These are boneless, tender steaks from the hind quarter of the beef. This is a lean steak, typically cut 1-inch...

Chuck Roasts

A chuck roast is a thick cut of meat from the shoulder. It's an inexpensive cut, with a rich, delicious flavor...

Rump Roast

A rump roast is a cut of beef from the bottom round, the rear leg of the animal. This roast is a great choice for...

Stew Meat (1" Cubes)

These are cubes of beef from our grass-fed steers. They are often used for stewing or braising or kabobs. Each...

Beef Short Ribs

These are cut from the lower portion of the animal near the belly. Each package is typically between 1 and 1.5...

Real Maple Syrup

Table grade maple syrup used for a topping on pancakes, french toast, and ice cream. A syrup that stands proudly on...

Local Honey

Local honey color varies with the season and what is available for bees during that time. Wildflower honey can be...

Blueberry Jelly

Local blueberries in a simple but sweet jelly.

Cherry Almond Jelly

Chautauqua County grown sour cherries cooked into a beautiful jelly with a hint of almond extract.

Pear Apple Cardamom Jam

Local pears and apples with a hint of cardamom flavor, adding warmth to this golden jam!

Raspberry Blush Jelly

Made with local ingredients, this jelly is grape and raspberry flavor.

Maple Sugar

Pure maple syrup made into leaf sugar forms.

Maple Breakfast Sausage Links

These are small links, flavored with maple. Makes a great side for any breakfast!

Italian Sausage Links and Bulk Sausage

Sausage, perfect for grilling, available in two flavors: Hot Italian and Sweet Italian. Bulk sausage available in...

Spring CSA by Lantern's Hollow: 15 Week Season

*Bi-Weekly CSA (8 boxes), starting March 9th and running through June 15th* Locally grown and freshly harvested by...

Lamb Stew Meat

Stew Meat for shepherd's pie, or stews.

Lamb Leg Steaks

Lamb leg steaks, 2 to a package, 1" thick.

French Rib End Chops "Lollipop Chop"

Small chops, two to package, in the traditional lollipop cut.

Spiced Plum Jam

Local plums spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

Cranberry Apple Jelly

A smooth jelly from cranberry and apple juices.

Queen's Jam (Blueberry-Raspberry)

A popular fruit combination in Sweden (seasonally available).

Ham Slices

Smoked ham slices are easy and so much easier than doing a whole ham. Just heat and ready to eat!

Carlberg Farm's CSA Program: 20 Week Season

*Weekly CSA, starting June 11th and running through October 22nd* A CSA or "Community Supported...

Add-On: Salad Greens from Lantern's Hollow

*Runs alongside our summer CSA program June through October, but can be purchased as a stand alone CSA if desired*...

Add-On: Barnett's Mushrooms

*Runs alongside our spring or summer CSA program June through October, but can be purchased as a stand alone CSA if...

Add-On: Grain Bakery Bread

*Runs alongside our summer CSA program June through October, but can be purchased as a stand alone CSA if desired*...

Gift Card

Purchase a Gift Card online and pick up in store! If you need an amount other than what is listed, please comment at...

Add-On: Eggs

*Runs alongside our summer CSA program June through October, but can be purchased as a stand alone CSA if desired*...


Pre-Order your pies here! Regular Fruit Pies: $20 Blueberry Strawberry Peach Apple Raspberry Specialty...

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